Here we are

Our position is updated continuously during our sailing.
Follow our trip live via the maps below.

Aboard Idéfix we also have a transmitter that shares the AIS targets we see from the boat, currently is only available when we have a GSM coverage.

See what we see on our AIS on:

Before we leave for our trip to the Mediterranean Sea, this site will be updated to our sat tracker, delivered by SpotWalla.

Average Speed

We currently testing NOFOREIGNLANDs tracking service.
But there are some tracking issues… Hopefully we can get it fixed.

If you wish to see more detailed information on our track, you can visit our SailServer Page. (Opens in a new window).

On our SailServer Dashboard, you find our current position, wind speed, wind angle and boat speed (SOG, STW).
On the SailServer Track page, you find our previous tracks with a bunch of information from the trip: SOG, STW, Wind speed and angles, date and time for departure, the time it takes, Avg. speed and distance.

Going home

Our planned route home to Denmark, with some “backups” if there’s problem with locks etc.