Summer Cruise 2019, Part 8

Time to go home On July 27th we arrived at an anchorage called Gluppöbassängen in Sweden. It was a really nice place. There were toilets and garbage pins onshore, lots of space to anchor and lots of different places you could tie up to the rocks. There were probably more than 50 boats here.It was […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 7

Paradise and Worlds End The fog had lifted, and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. Bjarne and Merethe and the other flotilla were anchored approx 30 nm down the coast from us. They told us that it was a stunning place and that we were more than welcome to join […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 6

Captains birthday and the sea fog On the morning of July 23rd, we got up early. The bridges in Frederikstad would open at 9 o’clock, and we had to contact the bridge an hour before to confirm our departure.I spent the morning baking bread and croissants, making coffee and decorating the boat with flags. All […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 5

Arriving in Norway anyway On July 20th we left Sannäsfjorden and sailed north. The sun was out, and we had a nice breeze of 8-12 knots from the south. We raised the sails and enjoyed the silence and the beauty of the archipelago. Our mission for the day was to reach Norway. There was approx […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 4

Changing landscapes – Sailing north After spending a couple of relaxing days in a perfect anchorage with perfect summer weather we continued our journey. When sailing the Swedish archipelago you are almost always in waters protected by rocks and islands. But the sea area outside Sotenäset is very open and was for many years considered by most seafarers to be the most dangerous […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 3

We arrive in paradise July 13th. We were waking up to another beautiful and sunny day. We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and talked about whether we should stay another day. Navigating in the Swedish archipelago in a sailboat of our size usually requires a lot of motoring. You are very limited in space, and in […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 2

A New destination We had made it to Læsø and now we had to decide where to sail to next. From here we had several options. We could sail south and cruise the southern part of Denmark and the north coast of Germany and maybe the north coast of Poland. Or we could continue east and north […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 1

High expectations – difficult decisions Due to our jobs, we are limited in the duration of our time off. During the summer, we are only allowed three weeks off. This year we were lucky and managed to get four weeks vacation. We wanted to do something special with our time, so we decided to participate […]

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Helgoland, 2018

Visiting Helgoland by own boat Prehistory: Once again, our plan for the summer cruise didn’t go as expected. We planned to cruise the south coast of Norway from Kristiansand to Oslo. In Thyborøn Marina, we met Bente and Peer. Over a cold beer, we talked about our plan while we took a close look at the weather […]

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Summer Cruise 2017

It’s our first blog post, so please bear with us. This year summer cruise took an unexpected turn; we ended up in Swedish archipelago around Göteborg. Found out what body boating meant. We had an extra day on Anholt due to gales from the west. If you are ready to read all about our summer […]

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