The Galician Rias and Islands

We spent 5 days in A Coruña. By the time we left, we were 6 Danish sailboats in the marina. Some were sailing north and some had sailed the inshore route of the Biscay. And for some reason, we all ended up in the same marina at the same time. Our very good friends on […]

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Staande Mastroute – part 2

From Den Helder, we sailed to Amsterdam. Before leaving Willemsoord, we filled up on diesel and water. It was 46,5 nm and took us almost 12 hours. First, it was the Noordhollandsch Kanaal. Depth 2,85 meters, 49 kilometres long, max speed 9 km/h. It was not so exciting, and for a long time, we sailed along a […]

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Staande mastroute – Part 1

Suddenly we found ourselves in Delfzijl, located on the Dutch side of the river Ems. We arrived here on the 22nd of July just before midnight. We left Cuxhaven, DE, 20 hours earlier. When we left Cuxhaven, we thought we were sailing to Borkum, DE. From here we would hopefully continue along the Dutch coast. […]

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Summer cruise 2019, part 10

The End August 1st. After a couple of days on Læsø the wind eventually died and it was time to move on. After 5 hours we reached Limfjorden and said goodbye to the open sea. By dinner time we reached Aalborg and tied up alongside in Skudehavnen just next to the street food market. It […]

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Summer cruise 2019, part 9

Back in danish waters After a good nights sleep we got up early and continued our trip along Orust. It was a nice day with a gentle breeze, so we managed to furl out the genua for a while. At noon, we arrived at Stenungsund. We got a berth in the guest marina located in […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 8

Time to go home On July 27th we arrived at an anchorage called Gluppöbassängen in Sweden. It was a really nice place. There were toilets and garbage pins onshore, lots of space to anchor and lots of different places you could tie up to the rocks. There were probably more than 50 boats here.It was […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 7

Paradise and Worlds End The fog had lifted, and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. Bjarne and Merethe and the other flotilla were anchored approx 30 nm down the coast from us. They told us that it was a stunning place and that we were more than welcome to join […]

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Summer Cruise 2019, Part 6

Captains birthday and the sea fog On the morning of July 23rd, we got up early. The bridges in Frederikstad would open at 9 o’clock, and we had to contact the bridge an hour before to confirm our departure.I spent the morning baking bread and croissants, making coffee and decorating the boat with flags. All […]

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