Tracking our journey


Back in February 2020, before leaving Denmark, we sign up as beta testers for a new product named Sailserver.

Since then, we have used our sailserver to track our journey, which is saved in the cloud, so we always can take a look back in time to see where we sailed, how hot the water was, the wind speed etc.

What is sailserver?

Of course, there is always the “salesman speech”, but Sebastian shall put some words about what Sailserver is for us.
It is a plug-and-play product, a small box on our N2K network, that records almost every available data on the N2K. We use it as an automatic logbook and a weather station that is online 24/7; it depends on the mobile coverage. It has a SIM card in it that allows it to be online on our trip. When there is no coverage, it keeps a record of our track until it’s back online.

Lately, we have beta tested SMS-alarms for anchoring, wind, and water depths.

Where can I get a sailserver?

Head over to; they speak English.

SAILSERVER meet noforeingland,
noforeingland meet sailserver

During the time we wintered in Almerimar, we introduced Sailserver to Noforeignland. And convinced the guys from Sailserver and Noforeignland that it would be a great thing if the two platforms could make a “virtual handshake” every time we have been sailing.

So when we let Almerimar back in the beging of march, we made the first beta test of this handshanke. And it works!

There are some bugs still due to how the Sailserver logs the tracks when it comes back online if it has been offline. But the problem is known, and the guys at Sailserver are going to take care of it and fixing it.

Since the handshake was made, we have sailed more then 500 nautic miles and tested it from:
Almerimar to Àguilas
Àguilas to Cartagena
Cartagena to Mar Menor
Mar Menor to Calpe
Calpe to Dénia
Dénia to Ibiza
Ibiza to Sant Carles de la Ràpita

Good work guys!