Facelift of Idéfix

Due to COVID-19 and the Spanish restrictions, we had to stay in Almerimar a lot longer than we had planned. We planned to stay two/three months from November to February. Instead, we stranded in a small “lockdown” that did we counted to leave Andalusian legally at that time.

Instead of doing nothing, we got in touch with the local welder Stuart to help us stiffen our solar arch, which always had been a bit wobbly and made a frame to upgrade our solar.

Down the Atlantic coast, we found out that our solar setup with 3x 12V 160W panels wasn’t that effective that we knew from Scandinavia, in fake, not at all. And due to our freezer setup that runs on 230V~ over the inverter. We need to find a new solution… a new freezer, new solar panels?

We decedet to upgrade the solar panels, instead of a new freezer.

Stuart made the frame for the new panels huge in size, but he managed to get all the pieces together; after 2-3 days, it was ready for mounting on the boat. Great work!

We now have 2 massive solar panels mounted on the arch. Actually, it is 4 panels because each panel is 2 panels in 1.
In total 48V 880W, thanks to Ohm’s Law and our MPPT charger, they make around 60-65A in under clear sky, around 4kWh during the day, with the battery bank be topped up.

Idéfix now have 1080 watts of solar panels installed.

Bow platform

After Christmas, we gave Stuart another job, to make a bow platform.
Something that we had talked a lot about the past couple of years back in Denmark.

During January and February, we worked hard together to find the right design for the platform. It wasn’t easy because of the bracket that is on the Rocna anchor. It had been easy peasy if we had got a Spade or the Rocna Vulcan anchor. But we love our Rocna anchor, and it has never let us down, so a new anchor to make the process easier wasn’t in plans.

In the end, we got a strong design, had the anchor mounted under it so we don’t fall over it.

Since we left Almerimar at the beginning of March, we have already tested it many times, and it is strong; we have got many waves over the bow of Idéfix. It must be a success.

At anchor in Cala Tarida, Ibiza
At anchor in Cala Tarida, Ibiza

Thanks Stuart we love it!