Our current situation – Live update from Almerimar

We thought we would give you an update on our current situation and plans. We are in Puerto Deportivo Almerimar (Almerimar Marina) located on Costa del Sol in Spain. We arrived on the 5th of October along with our friends Bente and Peer on S/Y Cherie. We came here to do some work on our boats. The marina fees are very cheap and there is everything you need to do work on your boat – Boatyard with lifts, marine supply shops, repair shops, blacksmith and so on.

After a couple of weeks of working it was our plan to sail further along the Spanish coast and then return to Almerimar in late November. We would then stay a couple of months. Sebastian’s farther and brother wanted to visit us for Christmas and we could explore the south of Spain and Andalucía by car, which is cheap to rent in this area.

The work took 3 weeks to complete and by that time things were starting to change quickly in Spain. Regions were starting to close their borders and a national state of alarm was effected on the 29th of October. Bente and Peer had finished their work before us and were already on their way up the coast. They quickly turned around heading back to Almerimar. Within a few days Andalucía (the region where Almerimar is located) had also closed its borders. Luckily Bente and Peer made it back in time. What would we do now??

We could still sail in the region of Andalucía and could still drive around by car. So that’s what we were going to do. The borders to Spain were still open and that meant that Sebastian’s family could still fly to Malaga Airport (located in Andalucía). But things kept changing every day.

On the 8th of November: A night curfew between 2200 and 0700 was affected and all bars/restaurants and non-essential activity (shops) must close at 1800. Borders closed between the municipalities (“kommuner” in Danish). That meant that we were confined to a very small area. (See the map).

On the 22nd of November: Andalucía decided to extend the restrictive measures until the 10th of December.

Sebastian’s farther and brother are not able to come to Spain because their flight has been cancelled and there are almost no flights from Denmark to Spain/Malaga. We are really sad about that as we were really looking forward to their visit. Hopefully they can come visit later on.  

So now we are just waiting and trying to pass the time. The weather has been great with sunshine almost every day. We keep finding small boat projects and spend a lot of time walking/hiking. Every Friday we do a long hike with some locals and other liveaboards in the marina. And luckily we have the company of Bente and Peer. We do shopping, walking, eating, and playing games together.

We are doing daytrips, by foot, bike or bus, to local sights. For example a botanical garden, a nature reserve park (with flamingos), an old castle/fortress, and the city of El Ejido. But we really hope that the restrictions will change, so we can travel further around the region. There are so many places and cities we would love to visit.

Our current plan is to stay in Almerimar until the end of January and then we hope to start sailing again. We would like to sail north along the coast and then cross over to the Balearic Islands. But that requires that the regions will open their borders again.

But for now we just have to wait and see what happens. Yesterday we put up our Christmas lights in 25 degrees – afterwards we sat in the cockpit and drank cold Sangria while enjoying the sun. So we really can’t complain.

Next time on the blog, we will take you down the coast of Portugal.