First leg

Denmark to Germany

The rudder…

On the 27th of June Sebastian and his farther started our journey, a couple of days before planned, and on a whole other way, as expected. We had a malfunction on our steering system. The rudder bearing below the waterline was damaged and needed to be fixed before the real adventure could begin.

After a couple of days upon the hard, a goodbye dinner with Camilla’s family, we were finally ready to get the boat splash again on Thursday the second of July.

Out of the Limfjord

After Idéfix was back on in the water, we seat sails, and almost flew against Aggersund where the first of tree bridged are to exit the inlet to the east.

We went through Aggerund Bridge at 17:15 and finally ended up in the marina in Aalborg around 20:30. We planned to leave early the next morning, BUT! – Some nasty weather was approaching from the west.

We spent a couple of days in Skudehavnen. Next day our friends and old neighbours from Skive aboard Anemis, entered the marina just before the gale started. There wasn’t more space on the key, so we had them moored up on our starboard side.

Durring the couple of days we had windgust up to 55 kts from WNW.

Leading the race from Aalborg against Hals. – 8. july 2020

The eastcost of jutland

Finally, we were out of the canal and could set sail against Copenhagen, where we had planned to met with Sebastian’s family to say goodbye. One again the weather wasn’t to our favour. Luckily we had a plan B.

Instead of Copenhagen, we move the family event to Dyvig, on the south-east coast of Jutland. We used two days to sail from Hals to Dyvig. During the night we drop anchor on the northeast side of Samsø, where we were protected from the southwesterly wind that had blown all the afternoon.

Sunrise Samsø Nordby 9. july 2020, 04:56

We went early up the next morning and continued our journey down the east coast.
Sadly there was no wind at all, so we motored from Samsø to Dyvig.
78,2 NM toke 13 hours and 41 minutes.

To our big surprise, our good friends Peer and Bente aboard S/Y Cherie had seen us on the AIS tracker and know we were on the way, so they have sailed to Dyvig to make a little surprise party for us at the anchorage.

S/Y Cherie and S/Y Idéfix at anchor together in Dyvig.

We had an enjoyable night at anchor together, before we had a spot on the pier (Dyvig Bro) the next morning, due to the weekend with Sebastian’s family.

The new prop

On our way down the coast, we had decided to buy a new prop for the boat; we had damaged the current one.

After the weekend we spent some days cruising around in the waters south and north of Als. While we waited on the new prop would be delivered to our friends aboard Cherie in Aabenraa Marina.

The big day came, we got the new prop, had Idéfix lifted out of the water once more.

Mr Prop is a three-bladed Autoprop (APS-H5-470mm) made by Brunton in the United Kingdom.
We will get back to Mr Prop, when we have had some time with him, and have gotten to know him.

Leaving Denmark

After we had mounted the prop, it was goodbye to Aabenraa, once again we had the pleasure to buddy boating with Cherie, that had decied to escort us to the entrance of the Kiler Canal.

We dropped anchor on the way Germany at Broager Strand some mile south of Als.

Last night in Denmark (Broager Strand)

Next day we set the course southeast to find the entrance to the Kiel Canal.