Livø, COVID-19 Edition

Wait, what… Didn’t you guys leave for the Mediterranean

Nope – not yet!
It’s true that according to the plan, we should have left Skive today, Sunday the 5th of April. But due to the shitty situation the whole world is currently in, we have been so lucky that both our employers let us postpone our departure to the 1st of July.

Hopefully, the world is a little less locked down at that time.

In Denmark, we are so lucky that it isn’t forbidden to sail around in the danish water, due to the lockdown state our country currently is in. The danish borders are closed. A lot of marinas and harbours are closed. Nevertheless, it is stil possible to visit places if you aren’t addicted to the facilities such as toilet, shower and a kitchen to make food.

So until our new departure date, we will cruise the Limfjord once again.

Livø Harbour

This weekend we had set the small little paradise of an island as our destination. The harbour as empty once again, only the boat that belongs to the island was here.

Nobody else than us, and the nature… and lot of it, spring had come to our chosen place.

The cows have been given calves, we could hear them in the background, cows calling on there calves.

Some photos from our hikes on the island, this weekend

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