Livø 2020

Our first winter cruise for this “off-season” between 15th of November and 1st of April.
This winter hasn’t allowed us to cruise around in the Limfjord.
The weather has been odd, eater raining or blowing gales.
But this weekend we had a possible chance to get on the water.

Gusts up to 25kts

First winter sail

After 20 NM in close-hauled in 18-25 knots, we are reaching the little island Livø; the harbour is small for a boat our size.

The entrance is about 6 meters wide; our beam is 4,5.

Luckily for us was the boat belonging to the island in Rønbjerg on the mainland. That gives us a little more space to get in the harbour.

Winter season on Livø
Visiting Livø this time a year, give you the availability to explore the island on your own, in your own way. Typically there’s nobody around, the island is closed for the season. There’s a small chance you’ll meet the 3-4 people living on the island year-round, they work on the farm.

First time we visited Livø in 2018 back, then we visited the island during spring, since then we been here summer, fall but haven’t got the chance to come here during the winter season.

We took natures hospitality and went for a hike in the brown forest.

When we got back to the harbour, the boat belonging to Livø has returned from the mainland.

S/Y Idéfix and Livø II in the harbour

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