Summer cruise 2019, part 9

Back in danish waters

After a good nights sleep we got up early and continued our trip along Orust. It was a nice day with a gentle breeze, so we managed to furl out the genua for a while. At noon, we arrived at Stenungsund. We got a berth in the guest marina located in town just beside a large shopping center and a marine shop only a 5 minutes walk away. We spent 3 hours eating lunch, provisioning for rest of the trip home and at the marine shop we got some new and bigger cables for our solar panels. Our solar panels had really been great value on this trip, but we wanted to optimize their production of electricity.

We continued south not completely sure where to anchor that night. We had some strong winds coming our way in a couple of days, so we wanted to cross over to Læsø the next day. Otherwise, we risked being stuck in Sweden for a couple of days or more and risking not being home at time for work. Our neighbors from Skive, Keld and Tine on S/Y Siesta, were in Göteborg also heading home. They also planed to cross over to Læsø the next morning, so we planed to meet them in Vesterø Marina.

In the search for a good anchorage to position ourselves for the crossing the next day, we were contacted by Bjarne and Merete from the flotilla. They were anchored in an anchorage just south of Marstrand, called Utkäften. It was the perfect anchorage for the night, so we joined them and had a nice dinner and got caught up on what had happened since we departed in Norway. They had also been studying the weather and would also cross over to Læsø the next day, but they were sailing to Østerby Marina to celebrate the end of the flotilla.

We got up at sunrise and motored south/southwest into a calm Kattegat. After a couple of hours the wind picked up and we could set sail. We had 12 to16 knots of wind on a broad reach and was doing 7-8 knots most of the way. The passage was 43 nm and our average speed ended up being 7 knots – not too bad.

It had been 3 weeks since we left Vesterø and sailed to Sweden. Unlike last time there was now plenty of space in the marina. S/Y Siesta arrived about an hour after us, and we had lunch with freshly made fish crabs from the local fish shop and a cold beer. In the afternoon the wind picked up, just like the forecast had said, and the rain began. The rain and heavy winds lasted the next 24 hours but when it finally stopped the next day we took the bus (which was free) to Østerby and went for a walk around the marina.
Vesterø Marina and town is a really nice and beautiful place with white sandy beaches, shops with local produced products such as their salt, which the island is famous for. We really recommend coming here.

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