Summer cruise 2019, part 10

The End

August 1st. After a couple of days on Læsø the wind eventually died and it was time to move on. After 5 hours we reached Limfjorden and said goodbye to the open sea. By dinner time we reached Aalborg and tied up alongside in Skudehavnen just next to the street food market. It was a nice summer evening so lots of people and live music outside the market. I bought some french fries to go with the Greek gyros I had prepared. Quite delicious.

The next morning we continued west. It was yet another nice summer day with blue skies, but there was not a breath of wind, so we had to motor. By noon, we reached Aggersundbroen. On the other side the wind picked up a little, and we set sail. Unfortunately the wind was very light, so we had to motor sail. But you can’t really complain when you have such a nice day during the summer in Denmark.

I had to go to work the next afternoon, but the weather was so nice that we wanted just one more night at anchor before we returned to Skive. We dropped the anchor in Færker Vig, one of our favorite anchorages in Limfjorden. We enjoyed the afternoon and evening and soaked up the last bit of sun and vacation time.

August 3rd. Saturday. The last day and the final sail to Skive. We had perfect wind and weather conditions, and we had some of the best sailing on this trip. We reached Skive at 1330 o’clock – by 1400 o’clock I was in my car on my way to work.
And just like that the summer cruise had come an end. We met old friends and got new friends along the way. Even though we had to change our plans, our cruise ended up being a success with lots of sunshine, cold drinks, beautiful anchorages and stunning sunsets. (And no major issues, accidents or repairs to the boat and crew)

  • 30 days away from Skive.
  • Sailed 743,5 nautical miles.
  • Average speed of 5 knots.
  • 11 nights in a marina- most of them in Denmark.
  • 19 nights at anchor.
  • Visited 2 countries.

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