Summer Cruise 2019, Part 7

Paradise and Worlds End

The fog had lifted, and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. Bjarne and Merethe and the other flotilla were anchored approx 30 nm down the coast from us. They told us that it was a stunning place and that we were more than welcome to join them. So we lifted the anchor and got underway. There was not much wind, and if we wanted to arrive before nightfall, we had to motor sail – so we did. We enjoyed the beautiful coastline and the sunny warm weather. I made a nice salad for lunch and baked a Gin&Tonic-cake to have in the evening. We had lots of entertainment underway – many different types of boats and ferries and even a water-plane.

We arrived at the anchorage in the afternoon. The flotilla was tied up to the rocks with a stern anchor out in the bay. We did the same. It was the first time using our Fortress stern anchor. It took a couple of tries to get it to sit correctly, but with a little help from the others, we succeeded in the end. The anchorage was gorgeous. No wonder they call it Paradisbugten (The bay of paradise). Very protected, lots of different mooring places, high tree-covered cliffs surrounding it. There even was a small beach, playground, barbecue area and a shelter. It had been a long warm day, so after a cold beer, we jumped in the water along with the others. In the evening we all met for a barbecue and enjoyed the warm long summer evening with wine and my delicious cake.

The next day we got up early and left the anchorage at 0630 o’clock. Decided we joined the flotilla to their next destination, which was also on our list of places to visit. The next place was a marina called Verdens Ende (Worlds end) 25 nm up the coast. We left because we wanted to arrive early. The marina is trendy this time of year and especially when the weather is good, so it could be challenging to get an available berth for all of us.
We arrived before noon, and we just managed to get a berth. I think we got the very last one. The coast was NOK 393,00 which included electricity, water, showers and washing machines. We spent the afternoon swimming, sunbathing and eating ice cream. At 17 o’clock we had the flotilla over for Gin & Tonics in the cockpit. We have an ice machine aboard, which usually is very popular when it’s time for drinks. And especially on this day which turned out to the warmest day of the summer (approx 30 degrees Celsius). We spent the evening walking around and enjoying the beautiful landscape and the sunset.

With only one week left until we had to go back to work, we had to think about heading south again. After spending a lovely couple of days with Bjarne and Merethe and the rest of the flotilla, we said: “see you later”. On July 27th we sailed 40 NM across Skagerak and found our selves in Sweden yet again. It was nice finally having both sails up still and sailing in open waters not having to dodge rocks and other boats continually. We ended up in another gorgeous anchorage, but more about that next time.

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