Summer Cruise 2019, Part 6

Captains birthday and the sea fog

On the morning of July 23rd, we got up early. The bridges in Frederikstad would open at 9 o’clock, and we had to contact the bridge an hour before to confirm our departure.
I spent the morning baking bread and croissants, making coffee and decorating the boat with flags. All in honour of the captain – it was his birthday and celebration was in order.

The day started a bit cloudy but when we left Frederikstad the sun came out. When we left the outer skerries to sail across Oslofjorden there was not a single cloud left in the sky and the sea was calm. We had to motor, but we enjoyed the nice warm and sunny weather. We had our eyes set on the island Østre Bolærne on the western side of Oslofjorden. Arrived at 12 o’clock and had no problem finding an available spot in the marina. We quickly realized that it was a good thing that we arrived so early – by late afternoon the marina was full and several boats had to leave again without finding a berth.

We spent the afternoon exploring the island. First, we went on a dinghy trip to the other side of the island where there was a nice beach. We relaxed for a while and went for a swim in the clear water. Next, we visited the little museum found on the eastern island. The island used to be a military base and an important part of the Norwegian coastal defence. It is no longer in use but many of the bunkers, building and canons still remain and a visit to the museum tells you the history of the island. It was exciting to explore the island and the scenery was stunning. In the evening we enjoyed a nice dinner cooked on our Magma grill. After watching the sunset from the top of the hill we celebrated with cold drinks in the cockpit.

The next day we slept in and in the afternoon we found an anchorage by the island Kløvningen a couple of hours away. It was a bit choppy, and in the evening, a thick sea fog rolled in. It was so thick that we lost sight of land only 60-70 meters from the boat. The rolling stopped during the night, and we had a good nights sleep. In the morning, it was still foggy, and we could hear the ferries and cargo ships in the distance using their fog horns regularly. Within a couple of hours, the fog lifted, and the sun was shining. Now we had to make a plan for the day – and the next couple of days.

For the past couple of days, we had been in contact with Bjarne and Merethe from the Flotilla. When they left Læsø they sailed north and met up with another flotilla sailing the south coast of Norway. They were sailing our way, and we had the opportunity to meet up with them. We had enjoyed each others company for the last couple of weeks, but we could both use a little company. Hmm!… what to do?

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