Summer Cruise 2019, Part 5

Arriving in Norway anyway

On July 20th we left Sannäsfjorden and sailed north. The sun was out, and we had a nice breeze of 8-12 knots from the south. We raised the sails and enjoyed the silence and the beauty of the archipelago. Our mission for the day was to reach Norway. There was approx 25 nm to an anchorage we had found in the pilot book. When sailing in Sweden and Norway we use the pilot books called Harbour guide. They are really great and provide very useful information and pictures of anchorages/harbours/marinas.

When passing by the islands Koster, which is a nature reserve, the wind had dropped, and we had to turn on the engine. At 13:54 o’clock we crossed the “border” into Norway. Finally, we were here. When we made the decision not to sail up the west coast of Norway with the flotilla it was really disappointing, but now we had reached the south-east coast and it felt wonderful. Even though we had not sailed many miles we could definitely see that we had entered another country. The architecture on land changed, nature was different and navigation markers were also different from Sweden.

According to Harbour guide, the north side of the island Kirkøy had multiple anchorages which would give protection from almost every wind direction. There was also an unfinished marina, Edholmen, where boats could tie up but there were no services like water and electricity.
We passed by the marina on our way to the anchorage. We were surprised to see that the marina was full of boats and activity. The construction had obvious been resumed. New pontoons had been added along with a fuel dock.

We found a nice spot in the bottom of the bay, Saltholmen. The scenery was green with a lot of trees. There were just a few boats anchored beside us. We had plenty of room and the place was peaceful and quiet. Very different from the busy anchorages in Sweden. We stayed here for another day and explored the area and the marina by dinghy. We also did some small boat projects and a bit of cleaning.

Sebastian’s birthday was quickly approaching, and we had our eyes set for some interesting anchorages on the western side of Oslofjorden, so we kept moving north. We had heard some nice things about the town Frederikstad, and we needed to do some provisioning and maybe fill up on diesel. We were hoping to find a berth in Frederikstad Gjestehavn, but it was full, and we had to wait for the bridge to open, so we could sail into Dampskibsbrygga. There was quite a bit of current, but we managed to tie up alongside. We were surrounded by nice restaurants and shops and when we left the next day our fridge was full and should last us for the rest of the summer cruise.

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