Summer Cruise 2019, Part 4

Changing landscapes – Sailing north

After spending a couple of relaxing days in a perfect anchorage with perfect summer weather we continued our journey.

When sailing the Swedish archipelago you are almost always in waters protected by rocks and islands. But the sea area outside Sotenäset is very open and was for many years considered by most seafarers to be the most dangerous waters of Sweden. In 1930 the Swedish Parliament decided to build a canal across the peninsula. The project provided work for 200 unemployed stonemasons for 4 years. In July 1935 the 4,8 kilometres long canal opened. The depth in the canal is 4,5 meters and the width between 15 and 20 meters. Half-way is a bridge that swings open when required. As navigation technology improved the use for the canal declined and is today mostly used by pleasure crafts. Passing through the canal is free of charge.

On July 17th we went through the canal. We had perfect conditions but WOW there were many boats. It required full attention. We had found an anchorage (Ulön Dannemark) that looked nice in our pilot book. When we got there in the afternoon there was a minimum of 50 boats anchored. Oh well. We were starting to getting used to not having a lot of space to anchor. We squished in because we were just too tired to continue.

The next day we passed through Hamburgsund which was stunning. Colourful wooden houses with their own jetties and boats in all sizes. Really charming. The guest harbour was full, so we could not stop here, so we continued to Sannäsfjorden. This place was full of beautiful and protected anchorages and it was hard to choose one. We could also see that nature and landscape were changing. The cliffs were getting higher and more green. Instead of barren rocks with only moss and grass, there was now a lot of trees – especially pine trees. Finally, we ended up Alevikkilen.

The town Havstenssund was close by so the next day we left the anchorage and went in to fill up our water tanks, get rid of the rubbish and maybe do some grocery shopping. We succeeded in all 3 tasks and sailed back to Sannäsfjorden and found another beautiful anchorage for the night. It was free to dock for a couple of hours. Water was 5 SEK per 80 litres at the fuel dock.

The weather forecasts were looking good and our plan was to continue north and into Norway. Sebastian’s birthday was coming up, so we wanted to find a nice place to celebrate it.

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