Summer Cruise 2019, Part 3

We arrive in paradise

July 13th. We were waking up to another beautiful and sunny day. We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and talked about whether we should stay another day.

Navigating in the Swedish archipelago in a sailboat of our size usually requires a lot of motoring. You are very limited in space, and in July there is A LOT of traffic. You are continually changing direction, and the wind hugely fluctuates. On this day we had a gentle breeze of 10-12 knots and if we sailed east of Tjörn – which would be a beautiful even and spacious stretch – we would have the wind on a beam reach and broad reach. So we took the opportunity and had a lovely sail to our next anchorage on the east side of Tjörn.

The next day we choose to sail north of Tjörn. It was a bit exciting because we had to sail under a bridge with a vertical clearance of 21 meters. Idéfix requires a ground clearance minimum of 20 meters. It was no problem, but you can’t help being a little nervous.

Now we were back on the coast, and we continued north. We had spoken to other sailors who had sailed this area, and they all recommended an island/marina called Gullholmen. Like Marstrand, it was a trendy and expensive place. Passing this stunning landmark on our way north, we decided to check it out and see if we could get an available berth for a couple of hours (day ticket was 60 SEK). We arrived around noon. The place was very busy with a lot of boats coming and leaving. But we were lucky, and a sailboat of our size left the outer jetty just as we arrived. We tied up and went for a walk in the beautiful and idyllic town. Before leaving, we did a bit of grocery shopping – the first time since leaving Lemvig.

We motored for 2 hours and arrived at our anchorage for the night. We had found it in the pilot books and thought it looked pleasant and protected. It was called Näverkärrskilen. Coming into the bay in the late afternoon there was A LOT of boats. And for a good reason. It was stunning – by far the most beautiful place we had seen so far.
At first, we didn’t think we could find enough space to anchor. But we refused to leave this place and dropped the anchor in the bottom of the bay. In the evening we watched the sunset from the top of the cliffs. We counted the boats – 50 boats!!
The next day was warm and sunny, so we decided to stay. We wanted to explore more of this beautiful area and also relax and enjoy the summer. The farmland had some well-marked trails, and for the first time this summer, we jumped in the water for a little swim. Felt like paradise?

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