Summer Cruise 2017

It’s our first blog post, so please bear with us.

  • This year summer cruise took an unexpected turn; we ended up in Swedish archipelago around Göteborg.
  • Found out what body boating meant.
  • We had an extra day on Anholt due to gales from the west.

If you are ready to read all about our summer cruise, then please sit back and enjoy.

Finally! The date changed, Tuesday went to Wednesday, not just a regular Wednesday, but the 16 of August. The first day of our summer holiday, it was time for our first sail to a foreign land, everything was packed, and Idéfix was ready to set course this summer cruise destination Poland via Peenemünde in Germany. Sebastian was excited to see The Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum. Before continuing to Stettin in Poland.

We cast our lines, waved goodbye to our neighbours and off we were. On our way!

From Skive to Anholt:
16.08.17, 07:27: Untied the lines.
16.08.17, 12:30: Waiting on the first bridge (Aggersund) on our way out of the Limfjorden.
16.08.17, 16:11: Arrived in Aalborg where we had to wait for 40 minutes before the two bridges (Jernbanebroen and Limfjordsbroen) opened at 16:30, and we could continue on our way to Anholt.
16.08.17, 19:47: We passed Hals, yes! Out of the canal, finally, after 12 hours and 20 minutes, we killed the engine and hoisted the sails.

After we hoisted the sails, we enjoyed our dinner (pasta with ketchup, bacon, cocktail sausages).
Enjoyed the part of the sunset we could see, it was cloudy out in the west, bad weather on its way.

Time to our first-night sail alone, last year we had Emil by our side from Thurøbund to Anholt.

Watch time: Sebastian started, and Camilla took over around midnight.
Around 01:00 the wind almost was disappeared, time to turn on the engine again.

At 03:01, we sailed through the entrance to Anholt harbour. When we came into the port, it was almost pitch black; it took around 30 minutes to find the right spot, due to the gale that will make pas island the 24 hours.

16.08.17, 03:29: Arrived, moored safely to the pier, goodnight.

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