The Captain

Name Sebastian

Age 33-something

The captain aboard Idéfix has loved sailing since he tried it the first time.

Since he was 10 years old, he has spent a lot of time on the water and has sailed a lot of match racing.

He was president of the junior department in Viborg Sailing Club back in the 00’s. Sailed match race in an “Elvstrøm 717 – one off”, and an “International 806”.

In 1999-2000 he spent one year in Venø Boarding School – with courses in surfing and sailing. Since then he has had the dream of going out to sea.

But it took a long time before he could make his dreams come true. A boat is very expensive and he needed a job so he could earn enough money to buy one.  In the spring of 2003 Sebastian finished his education as IT supporter. And he could start earning money.

Sebastian is very ambitious and teachable.  He is a real handy-man when it comes to doing projects on the boat. He always tries to do things himselves before hireing a professional. When things, small or big, don’t go his way, he keeps on going until the project is  perfect.


Name Camilla

Age 22-something

.. The dream of going out to sea on a sailboat, started when she met Sebastian. In April 2015 they went out sailing for a week – and she fell in love with it. Luckily for Sebastian who could now realize his dream.

Camilla knows where everything is on Idéfix. Luckily for the captain who keeps forgetting it. She keeps everything in order and makes sure that the boat is well provisioned. She is a true quartermaster. She keeps the everyday-life going and the captain would not make it a day without her.

She loves cooking delicious and healthy food. She loves to go out for a run and always has her running-shoes ready when they arrive at a new harbour.

We are a normal (well as normal as it gets…) couple who have a dream – to see and experience the world. We both have a successful career in the public sector. But we want more out of our lives. Our jobs are not our lives.

So now we have decided to move aboard our sailboat, S/Y Idéfix, and save a lot of money. In about 3-4 years (2018/2019) “we go into retirement” for a few years and head for the horizon to see what’s behind it.

Follow our journey.