The Galician Rias and Islands

We spent 5 days in A Coruña. By the time we left, we were 6 Danish sailboats in the marina. Some were sailing north and some had sailed the inshore route of the Biscay. And for some reason, we all ended up in the same marina at the same time. Our very good friends on […]

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Breskens to Camaret-Sur-Mer

After exiting the dutch channels, we can finally move many miles in a day; therefore, this telling will cover a longer stretch. Breskens to Calais Thursday the 6 of august, we had an early start to the day, untie the lines at half-past 6, getting to the fuel dock was easy, but to our big […]

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Staande Mastroute – part 2

From Den Helder, we sailed to Amsterdam. Before leaving Willemsoord, we filled up on diesel and water. It was 46,5 nm and took us almost 12 hours. First, it was the Noordhollandsch Kanaal. Depth 2,85 meters, 49 kilometres long, max speed 9 km/h. It was not so exciting, and for a long time, we sailed along a […]

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Staande mastroute – Part 1

Suddenly we found ourselves in Delfzijl, located on the Dutch side of the river Ems. We arrived here on the 22nd of July just before midnight. We left Cuxhaven, DE, 20 hours earlier. When we left Cuxhaven, we thought we were sailing to Borkum, DE. From here we would hopefully continue along the Dutch coast. […]

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First leg

Denmark to Germany The rudder… On the 27th of June Sebastian and his farther started our journey, a couple of days before planned, and on a whole other way, as expected. We had a malfunction on our steering system. The rudder bearing below the waterline was damaged and needed to be fixed before the real […]

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It’s almost time

In 14 days we have untied the lines, and are on our way to The Mediterranean!But first, we are going a little trip to Copenhagen to say goodbye to Sebastian’s younger brother and his girlfriend. Visiting a couple of good friends in Køge Marina, before setting sails south. Europe and COVID-19 Europe is starting to […]

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Livø, COVID-19 Edition

Wait, what… Didn’t you guys leave for the Mediterranean Nope – not yet!It’s true that according to the plan, we should have left Skive today, Sunday the 5th of April. But due to the shitty situation the whole world is currently in, we have been so lucky that both our employers let us postpone our […]

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Livø 2020

Prehistory:Our first winter cruise for this “off-season” between 15th of November and 1st of April.This winter hasn’t allowed us to cruise around in the Limfjord.The weather has been odd, eater raining or blowing gales.But this weekend we had a possible chance to get on the water. First winter sail After 20 NM in close-hauled in […]

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